5 Creative Ways You Can Find Time To Exercise As A New Mom

Even if you were absolutely set on continuing your fitness routine after the birth of your baby, most moms find that they just don’t have a spare moment to even think about a workout. You’re probably asking yourself how to find time to exercise as a new mom. 

It’s important to, firstly, not beat yourself up about your unmet fitness goals. As much as we adore them, babies certainly do take up a good portion of our time (and our energy).

Despite the time challenges, it is oh so important to keep your body active and healthy, even with young children. That’s why, we’ve come up with a few sneaky ways to squeeze in a quick workout, without having to sacrifice time with your child, or those precious few hours of sleep. With these tips, you’ll be feeling healthy and happy, without the guilt of never having a workout.

1. Get A Baby Carrier And Go For A Walk

This is an easy one! Get yourself a comfy and study baby carrier (one that preferably wraps around your chest for optimal mobility and weight distribution), stick your baby securely inside, and get walking. Your child will love being outdoors while being as close to you as possible.

This is a great one when you’re trying to get your baby down for a nap or to sleep for the night. Instead of being stationary while rocking him to sleep, use it as an opportunity for exercise.

2. Invest In A Really Good Jogging Stroller

mom running with baby in stroller

You’ve probably seen moms out jogging with their little ones in a stroller, but you thought it could never be you. Well, you can certainly do it too! Jogging strollers are really aerodynamic and great for running.

They are comfortable and provide a smooth ride for your baby as well. And by the way, you don’t actually have to jog either. These strollers are just as good for a nice brisk walk.

3. Enroll In A Mommy And Baby “Workout” Class

No, we don’t mean to get your 5 month old a gym membership and start him up on the bench press. There are lots of Mommy and Baby exercise classes you can join which offer many types of exercises to do with a newborn.

A young baby can be just as good as a medium sized dumbbell, and they get more fun playtime with mama.

4. Find A Gym With A Childcare Room

Yes, these really do exist and they’re more common than you think. If your child is old enough to be without you for 30 minutes to an hour, get yourself a gym membership to a facility that offers a space to keep your baby while you get your much needed exercise.

It’s only for a short while, and it will actually help ease your little one into feeling comfortable in a childcare setting.

5. Youtube It Baby

If you just can’t manage to find time to exercise as a new mom outside, but you have access to a smartphone or a computer, you’re golden!

Youtube offers tons of free workouts you can do right from your living room. Take advantage of nap time, or stick your baby in the playpen right there with you so you can workout and keep tabs all at once.

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