10 Of The Funniest (And Most Frustrating) Husband Fails

We love our husbands. They take care of us and our families, they’re there for us when we need them, and they try their best to help us out with anything we ask. Even though they always try their best, sometimes our loving husbands just don’t know how to get the job done the way it’s supposed to be. It can be frustrating for sure, but at the end of the day, we love them anyway. And besides, sometimes their attempts at doing the right thing can be pretty hilarious. These husband fails will have you laughing until you cry.

The Mattress King

Sometimes our husbands don’t exactly think for the both of us, and they end up making some selfish decisions (even if they didn’t intend them to be). This husband decided that he would like a memory foam mattress to make his sleep more comfortable, but he only bought one big enough for his side. He didn’t consider that his wife might also want some comfort, or that it will make the bed completely uneven. 

How Many Potatoes Do You Want?

This wife sent her husband on a mission to the grocery store with one very specific grocery list item: 6 potatoes. When he got home from the store, his wife was shocked at what he brought him. While he did bring home 6 potatoes like she asked, one of them was significantly smaller than the rest, and completely unusable. But she couldn’t say a word because it was technically what she’d asked for. 

Elf On The Shelf In A Wreck

Usually mom is the one who sets up the annual Elf On The Shelf, but this year she had a little less time on her hands during the Christmas holiday so she let dad take a crack at it. Well, this is the result. He put the elf in a car and made a horrific crash scene. complete with ketchup all over the floor. At least we can say it was creative.

The Lunch Love Letter

There’s nothing sweeter than when your husband packs lunch for you the night before so you have it ready for you in the morning to take to work. This husband was no different, although he did admit that he was very intoxicated which making said lunch, and might not have cooked the asparagus correctly. At least his drunk self thought it was good enough to pack for her.

The Unfoldable Sheet

We’ve all been there, trying to fold that fitted sheet when it comes out of the dryer. No matter how many Youtube videos we’ve watched, it still feels completely impossible to do it so the sheet ends up in a neat square. You can almost feel this husband’s frustration as he tried his best to fold it before giving up, throwing it on the floor, and writing a note to explain the crumpled mess on the ground.

The Worst Selfie

This newlywed couple wanted to take a selfie to celebrate their marriage. It looks like it was right before the bride and groom went to say the words, and they just wanted to capture the moment of themselves all dressed up and ready to get married. As the husband was much taller, he was entrusted with taking the selfie. He managed to cover her entire face with the phone.

The Wrong Card

This husband was sweet enough to go to the store and grab his wife a beautiful, pink card with hearts on it to express his love for her on her birthday. As sweet as his intentions were, he probably should have read the entire card, because he missed a pretty important detail written right on the front. The card is for a proud, confident, and gorgeous BLACK woman. 

He’s Definitely Using It Wrong

In this day and age, there are so many gadgets and accessories available that it’s impossible to keep up with all of them and to know just how each one works. So when this man’s wife bought a banana hanger, it really stumped him on how exactly he was to use it. Unfortunately, he went for hanging the entire bag instead of hanging the bunch of bananas by the stem. At least he tried.  

He’s Watching The Baby (Kind Of)

Sometimes moms need a break from watching the kids, and it’s dad’s job to step in and be with them for a while. This dad happily took on the job when his wife asked for a hand, but little did she know he had some ulterior motives. Because the baby was young enough that he wouldn’t move around, this dad felt confident enough to lay him on the floor and catch up on some video games.

Urinal Piggyback

Husband brought his daughter to go pee

It’s a little bit of a problem when dads are watching their daughters and one of them has to use the bathroom. Unlike most women’s bathrooms that have big stalls and a changing table, men’s bathrooms sometimes consist only of tiny urinals. to keep his daughter off the floor and out of the way, there was really no other choice than to do a piggyback right at the urinal. She doesn’t seem too upset about it…but maybe a little too curious at what’s happening down there.

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