These Moms Turned Around For Only 5 Seconds, But They Wish They Hadn’t

Kids are cute, silly, funny, and rambunctious, but you’ve got to watch them carefully or they can get themselves into trouble. Little children seem to have a knack for finding the most creative ways of wreaking total havoc on the house, the pets, and themselves. These moms turned away for only a few seconds and found their young ones in a whole mess of trouble. You know what they say, once your kids start crawling, you need eyes on them every second of the day, or else these kid fails will be the consequences. 


This mom was frantically trying to make lunch for herself and the kids, when she made the grave mistake of leaving the refrigerator open while she went to grab another ingredient from the cabinet. When turned around, much to her dismay and shock, she saw that her youngest managed to grab the egg carton and pull it out upside-down onto the floor. He managed to smash every single egg all over the floor and himself.

The Bad Baker

It’s a cute idea to have your kids help you in the kitchen while baking cookies, and those Instagram moms make it look like so much wholesome fun. But the reality is a little bit different when it comes to kids and baking. It’s nice to let your kids lick the spoon after you’ve finished with the batter, but this is a little much.

A New Kind of Face Mask

If you’re alone all day with the kids and you have to go to the bathroom, there is really no other option than to bring them in with you. That’s all well and good until they get bored and start playing with your toiletries. Aside from some chemicals, most of it is pretty harmless. Besides, there are lots of great fashion accessories in there to play with, as this boy clearly demonstrates. 

Kitchen Gymnastics

Sometimes, although it seems completely impossible, kids manage to get themselves into situations that you couldn’t find yourself in even if you tried. This mom left her young daughter in the kitchen alone for a few moments, when she apparently started practicing gymnastics. The mom came back only to come back and find her upside-down with her bottoms caught on a drawer handle. How is it even possible??

Flour Ghost

No, it’s not really a ghost. It’s actually much scarier. Imagine, you’re just relaxing for 5 minutes with your coffee, and in walks your toddler, covered head to toe in flour. Your first thought is probably that you have to clean him up. But then you realize, you have to track all of his steps. Where is the bag of flour? Where did he walk? What did he touch? 

The Toilet Artist

It’s important to encourage your kids to be creative in their artwork. You get them paints, playdough, crayons, and all the construction paper money can buy. So why is it that they still manage to find destructive places to create their masterpieces? And how come they always manage to find the permanent markers to do the job with? This boy saw the shiny white surface of the toilet seat and knew he had to give it some color. 

Not So Stylish

It seems like every child, everywhere, at least once in their lives decides to take it upon themselves to give themselves a haircut. Sometimes they find the scissors, sometimes they find daddy’s clippers, but they always manage to get a hold of a tool. This boy must have found the clippers before giving himself a nice, un-hidable bald spot right in the middle of his hairline. 

Painting The Town White

When doing home repairs and remodeling, it’s important to keep all of your tools and paints out of reach of your children. Apparently, these parents underestimated their sons and learned that lesson the hard way. These kids managed to pry the paint can open, and paint EVERYTHING (the floor, the television, the furniture, and themselves) white. They seem pretty proud of themselves though. 

Bathroom Makeover

Review Journal

This little girl was left alone for a little too long in the bathroom by her parents, and she decided to give the whole room a new look. She started by decorating it with toilet paper garlands strung over every surface. She then gave the toilet a bit of color (the white was so dull and boring), and, of course, finished by throwing her Barbie head-first into the bowl. And she did the whole thing for free!

Beauty Queen

Mommy’s makeup always looks so tempting with all of its colors and textures, and that’s why many kids get into it. But these kids don’t realize that the makeup is ungodly expensive, and they essentially ruin it completely each time they go in there. This boy just wanted to wear lipstick like his mommy, but he probably should have just asked for help.

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