10 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Teenage Daughter

Once your children reach a certain age, it becomes much harder to relate to them. Most teen girls don’t really want much to do with their parents anymore, and most moms and dads find themselves feeling like they don’t recognize their own kid. Fortunately, there are lots of activities that parents and teens can do together that both parties will enjoy. Not only will this keep your relationship strong, but you will get to know each other all over again as you watch them blossom into healthy, caring young women.

1. Help Her Redo Her Bedroom

Most likely your teen has lived in the same bedroom since she was a baby, and is probably ready for a change. Sit down with her and ask her about any ideas for redecorating their space, and then help her achieve it! It’s a fun activity to do together, with lots of options for inexpensive DIY projects. She will appreciate the help and you will love being a part of it all.

2. Hit The Gym Together

Many teens are now more focused on their physical fitness (maybe they are on a school sports team or maybe they want to fit into a new prom dress by the spring). Why not join them in a healthy workout? Having your teen as a workout partner is a great motivator for you to stay in shape and a nice way to bond with her using something she is already interested in.

3. Dye Your Hair A Crazy Color

Your teenage years are the time for experimenting with your look, and many teens will see their friends dying their hair in different colors or getting a unique style or cut. Why not join them? No, you don’t have to shave your head or dye it bright yellow, but a little color underneath or a few highlights never hurt anyone. It will also show your teen that you’re not “too old to have fun”.

4. Make a TikTok With Them

If your teen has access to a smartphone, they are most probably already on TikTok making videos for their own account. Although it might not seem like it, many teens are featuring their parents on these videos attempting the choreographed dance routines or doing other amusing things. Tell them you want to be in a TikTok with them, and you’ll find yourself with hours of together-time trying to figure out what to do in your video. It will be hilarious to put together, and you can read the comments.

5. Ask What They Want For Dinner and Make It Together

Eventually, your teen will go off to college or move out of your house, and they will need at least a few recipes that they knowhow to make for themselves. Ask your teen what types of things she likes to eat, go buy the ingredients, and then make it together. It will be a fun bonding experience as well as an opportunity to pass on some important life skills without a boring lecture.

6. Learn Something New Together

Find something your teen has always been interested in experiencing and try it out together. It could be learning a new language, having a surf lesson, or going to a pottery class. Let your teen choose, even if it sounds like something you might never have done on your own. Give it a try, your teen will appreciate you taking an interest in the things they find fun.

7. Take a Roadtrip Together

This one will take a bit of planning, but the results will be so rewarding. Decide together with your teen on a place (or a few places) you’d like to go to, pack up the car with snacks, and start driving. Stop at unplanned places you see along the way, and keep it flexible. It’s a great mini-vacation to bond with your teen, without all of the structure and scheduling of a big trip.

8. Attend a Concert or Music Festival

No, it’s not just for young people! If you and your teen have even a slightly overlapping taste in music (even if not, trying something couldn’t hurt), get some concert tickets and go to see a live performance. It’s really fun to sit outside, eat snacks, and listen to music. Get yourselves some cool outfits beforehand, and you’ll have an amazing time.

9. Have a Movie Night

A movie night at home is super cheap and simple, yet very enjoyable for everyone. Have your teen pick out the movie (preferably one that you an both a gree on), pop some popcorn, grab some drinks and candy, and plump the pillows on the couch. That’s at least an hour and a half of quality time sharing some great snacks and great cinema with your teen.

10. Let Them Decide What They Want To Do For The Day

Instead of trying to brainstorm a new idea each week, ask your teen what it is he or she would want to do (within monetary and legal reason, obviously). Many times your teen will come up with something you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams. This shows them that you’re interested in what they want, and you are willing to take action to make their wishes come true.

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